Anna (杏奈 Anna?) is a character from the Ao Oni novels and is the main protagonist of the Ao Oni movie.



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Appearance EditModifier

Anna's hair is a light/dark purple and in the 2nd novel, a small piece is clipped back with a flower hair pin. She has a white dress shirt with a red ribbon tied on the collar of it. Her corset and dress are red. Her dress at the bottom has a white lining too it with ruffles. Her shoes are red and she wears a tan dress coat. She has a somewhat cute appearance to her design.

Story EditModifier

Anna did not make any appearances all versions of the games. She only made her debut in the novel. It's unknown if she will ever be in any future versions of Ao Oni or not.

Ao Oni Novel EditModifier

Anna is the class representative of Shun's classroom. She is also secretly in love with him. After both of her parents died in an accident near the end of the last year, Anna started to develop an ability to sense the paranormal. She is currently living with her uncle and aunt.

Ao Oni Movie EditModifier

Anna makes an appearance in the live action movie, Ao Oni. She will be portrayed by Anna Iriyama, a member of AKB48's Team A.

In the intro of the movie Anna is running through the jailhouse before taking refuge in a bedroom and seeing the ghost of her dead brother Naoki, Anna then appears in the streets placing a flower near where the collision happened taking her brother's life she then sees Takuro and Takeshi bullying the new student Shun and she looks on hopeless. Anna then sits next to Shun near a riverbank and they chat about the game Shun is making she then leaves but she senses Takuro bullying Shun again. When the group enter the jailhouse Anna secretly follows them and meets up with Shun as they both explore the building. However Mika questions Anna's interference but Hiroshi debunks the debate, Anna and Shun then first encounter the Oni as it smashes through a door but they managed to escape it, they then meet up with Hiroshi as they solve the piano puzzle and enter the Annex where Hiroshi is knocked out cold by Takuro. (SPOILER ALERT) Anna learns that Shun has been a ghost the entire time and was talking to no one she is then threatened with death by Takuro who is suddenly slaughtered by the Oni buying her and Hiroshi enough time to escape, Hiroshi sacrifices himself for Anna who continues her run she then falls over in a bedroom and the bedroom door starts breaking she then gets up, opens the door and is greeted by a shining bright light. Shun holds out his hand and she takes it they the appear at the same riverbank and Shun asks her if she is alright and she states that she is and holds Shun's hand and he embraces it back.

Trivia EditModifier

  • Anna shares a first name with her movie actress Anna Iriyama.
  • Anna is the 2nd girl in the Ao Oni series, with Mika being the first female in the Ao Oni series.
  • Anna is the first female protagonist of the Ao Oni series, for she is the main protagonist of the film.
  • Anna has a deceased younger brother in the movie.
  • It is revealed in the movie that Naoki is her younger brother.
  • Her last name is Horakiawa. Takuro had announced this when persuading her about Shun. She is the only official character with a licensed last name (Naoki may have this last name as well, being the fact that he's her brother).
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