Blob Oni

The Blob Oni is an enemy that originally appeared in Ao Oni Version 3. This oni was encountered in the corner of the Oni room. The Blob Oni chases the player at a very slow speed.


This oni is irregular. It looks like an amphorous mass with 10 eyes visible on it. The Blob Oni is relatively slow and sluggish.

Version 3EditModifier

The blob oni is found in the oni room. On the wall behind it is the front door key. The player must take advantage of the oni's slow speed to obtain the key and flee. During the Blob Oni "chase", the menu can be accessed and the game can even be saved, which is not possible during other chases.

Version 6EditModifier


The oni room in Version 6.23.

The blob oni can be seen in the oni room in Version 6, moving slowly around the cage, but cannot be interacted with and does not chase the player.

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