The Blockman Oni (フワッティー Fuwattī?, lit. "Flufftee"), also called fishcake (はんぺん Hanpen?) or Domo (ドーモ君 Dōmo-kun?) by the Japanese community, is one of the many onis that inhabit the mansion. It appears in Version 6 as both a scripted chase sequence and during random encounters in a special mode. Also a robotic version of the Blockman Oni appears in the fan game "Meka Oni" where it takes on a silver tone of colour.

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Appearance EditModifier

Blockman Oni appears as a wide oni with small arms. Its mouth is full of sharp teeth and seems to be a little bit stray-eyed. When chasing the player, it is infamous for occasionally breaking into a quick sprint for a second. During its sprints it can only travel forward in one direction; the player can use this trait to avoid being caught by it. It is impossible to escape from this Oni inside a closet, due to its high speeds when moving and the fact it will closely trail the player into a room giving no time to hide.

The Blockman Oni only appears twice in the game. It appears in the old building library room, after Hiroshi sees a cat run from behind a bookshelf. It is seen again in the basement oni room after the Hunchback Oni opens the jail cell door to attack Hiroshi; the blockman oni follows it at a fast speed though it cannot pass the hunchback oni.

No special effects in the Jail Room sequence, although his hands that appear when shaking the bars are the same as the classic Oni's hands.

Cheat Code EditModifier

In Version 6 of the game, if the player changes their name to "BLOCKMAN", the Blockman Oni will replace the Ao Oni during randomly occuring chases. It does not replace Ao Oni during scripted chases or chases with the character onis.


Hiroshi encountering the blockman oni.

Trivia EditModifier

  • One theory by most fans is that the cat that runs past the player, or whom some fans name as, "Tama", is Blockman's cat.
  • A running nickname gag for Blockman given by most USA fans of Ao Oni is "Blueberry Poptart" or just Poptart in general probably because of his shape and color.
  • Blockman will receive a film debut in Summer 2015 in the Ao Oni film sequel. His name in the film is フワッティー (Fuwatty).
  • In Ao Oni Ver.2.0 the trailer reveals that Fuwatty will possess his method of chase "the lunge" from the game, also Fuwatty is revealed to be a leveled up version of the original Oni.
  • In an early photo of the movie CGI model of Fuwatty it depicted him without arms, in later photos the character was updated WITH arms.
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