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Squatto, (sometimes called Swelo, Hulk Oni, Steroid Oni or Muscles Oni), is a much taller version of the Oni. This enemy is present in Version 3, where he plays a part in the story, and Version 6, where he is merely visible for a short while.

The name Squatto is unofficial and comes from a meme started by two Japanese Let's Players named Gami and Fuhiki who referred to it as such because of its appearance of doing Hindu squats.



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WARNING: This page may contain spoilers or solutions to puzzles. Read further at your own risk!


Squatto looks much like The Oni, with an identical face and color. However, it is very tall and muscular, with short legs and long and lanky arms. A large part of its body either is appears covered in shadow or is colored pitch-black.

Version 3EditModifier


Squatto is also in the oni room in Version 3.

Squatto appears after the player decides to sleep in the guest bedroom. Hiroshi is awoken to a rhythmic thumping sound. Exploring, he finds Squatto towering over Mika and murdering her behind a couch by continuously pounding her. The chase music begins and Squatto begins to chase Hiroshi. This is the only chase and encounter with the monster, and Squatto will not become a randomly encountered oni.

Two Squattos can also be seen walking around the Oni Room. One "squatting", one following the player's movements.


Squatto chasing Hiroshi in Version 3.0.

If Hiroshi tries to hide in the Jail Cell during the chase with Squatto in Version 3, the Jail Cell door will not shut and make it difficult to escape the room again, and he will open the door.

Version 6EditModifier


The oni room in Version 6.23.

In Version 6Squatto can only be seen once, in the Oni Room. He is "squatting" up and down, making the same fist-pounding motions he does when he is killing Mika in Version 3.


  • Although Squatto appears to possesses great power and strength, it seems that he isn't strong enough to break the iron bars in the Jail Cell or Oni Room.
  • The back of the regular oni's head is black, but for some reason, the back of Squatto's head is lavender.
  • If the player finds and hides inside a closet during the Squatto chase while Squatto is in the room, he will find the player. When he attacks the player there, he uses the same animation of opening the closet door as the regular oni.
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