This walkthrough is available on the official website in Japanese. Many of the puzzles are too length in explanation to describe here, so their respective articles will be linked.

Walkthrough Modifier

Main House Modifier

  1. Pick up the plate shard in the 1F kitchen.
  2. Go to the 2F upper right room. Obtain library key by pushing the chair. Speak with Takeshi.
  3. In the 1F library, push the books on the table to obtain the bedroom key.
  4. In the 1F bathroom to the left of the foyer, obtain the phillips head driver.
  5. In the 1F toilet near the bathroom, obtain the soap.
  6. Return to the 2F upper right room, obtain the handkerchief.
  7. In the 3F attic, use the phillips head screwdriver to remove the doorknob on the fake door.
  8. In the 3F bedroom, push the bed to the left and fall through the hole.
  9. You will fall into the 2F piano room. From your inventory, use the soap on the handkerchief.
  10. Use the handkerchief on the piano. Complete the piano puzzle to get the kid's bedroom key.
  11. In the 2F kid's bedroom, speak to Mika. Push the chair to the bookshelf and climb up to get the lighter fluid.
  12. In the 1F tatami room (behind the stairs and to the right) obtain the lighter.
  13. In the 1F tatami room there is a discolored wall off to the right. Use the plate shard and doorknob to find the secret door.
  14. In the 1F hidden room, light the candle in the middle.
  15. In the 1F prison, obtain the basement key.

Basement Modifier

  1. Head up and into the left room. Obtain the flat head driver.
  2. Move the chair to the large room and obtain the dungeon key on top of a large bookcase.
  3. In the 1F dungeon, light a candle. Observer the graffiti inside the cell, and look at it through the bars (stand directly under it, on the other side of the cell wall) to read the number.
  4. Return to the large room, push the very top bookshelfs that are against the wall to reveal a panel. Remove the panel with the flat head screwdriver, obtain the annex key.

Annex Modifier

  1. Head down the north hallway to the 1F upper left room. Obtain the doll.
  2. Head up to the 3F room and obtain more lighter fluid.
  3. Head to the 2F left room and obtain a lightbulb from the lamp.
  4. Head to the 2F right room and light a fire in the fireplace with the lighter. Put the doll in the fireplace to get a red stone.
  5. Head back to the 3F room and see the code.
  6. In the 1F lower left room, push the statue out of the room. Push it back to the basement and it will crash on the way down the stairs. Get the blue stone from the shards.
  7. In the 1F upper right room, put the blue and red stones in the doll's eyes to get the doll head.
  8. In the 1F upper left room, use doll's head on the mural on the wall to get the annex basement key.

Annex Basement Modifier

  1. In the lower left room, pull the lever to light up the basement. Obtain the bookmark from a book in the bookshelf.
  2. In the upper left room, get the red key. Move the bathtub downwards to find stairs.
  3. In the right room, find a hidden door in the lower right corner. To the north there is a horizontal panel by a door. Remove the panel with the screwdriver and use the bookmark on the panel. The number of colored dots you see (for example, 2 green, 3 white, 4 red, 1 blue) and the order of colors on the door (for example, white red blue green) make up the code to enter the door (for example, 3 4 1 2).
  4. In the closet room, lift an uneven corner of the rug to find a disc.
  5. In the upper room, obtain the vinegar from Takuro. Use the vinegar on the red key to obtain an iron key.
  6. In the grille room (down the stairs under the bathtub), solve the painting puzzle . The disc shows a circle of colors with an arrow indicating direction (for example, red blue yellow yellow blue red). Push the buttons under each painting in this order to obtain a metal rod. Combine this rod with the disc to get a secret key.
  7. Head back to the secret door in the right room and find an escape route. Return to Takuro and lead him to the escape. After the cutscene, return here to get the back door key.
  8. Return to the 1F upper right room in the annex where the headless doll is. Use the lightbulb on the doll and turn off the lights. Use the plate shard where the shadow points

Old Building (Second Annex) Modifier

  1. In the 2F lower right room, find a secret door in the wall with the plate shard.
  2. In the 2F upper right room, find a die.
  3. In the 2F upper left room, fall down the hole.
  4. In the 1F upper left room, use the die on the dice rack on the wall. Dots will disappear, remember the order. (for example, lower-left, upper-left, middle-left, lower-right, upper-right, middle-right)
  5. In the 1F church (on the right of the hallway) obtain the long rod under the bottom-right pew. Push buttons on each pew as shown by the dice order you remembered.
  6. In the 0F upper left room, rope ladder is available. Push the curtains over each bed to see four shapes. Remember the number of sides in order (for example 0 4 3 5, a circle has zero sides)
  7. In the 0F lower left room, Use the long rod to obtain the study key that is shining behind the bars.
  8. In the 2F lower left room, remove the screws on the panel using screwdriver. Get the basement key from the safe.
  9. In the 2F upper left room, get a blue puzzle piece.
  10. On the 1F, use the rope ladder on the hole and go down it.
  11. You are in the 0F lower right room. Obtain the blue piece.
  12. In the 0F Oni Room (the very bottom room) get the blue piece.
  13. In the 0F white hallway (on the right side of the 0F) open the door by placing all three blue pieces in the puzzle.
  14. Exit the building.
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