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Ao Oni 2 is the mobile sequel of the first game. Unlike Ao Oni the sequel takes place in an abandoned school.

Cheat Codes[]

These cheat codes can be used for the name in the new game bit. They change the character and the story No mouse scenario!

  • Hiroshi
  • Takeshi
  • Mika
  • Takuro
  • Teacher
  • The Principal
  • The Traveler
  • Speed Running

Plot (incomplete)[]

The game starts with Hiroshi, Takeshi, Takuro, and Mika entering the school only to be followed by an unnamed teacher. They wake up in a jail cell under the school that has a key on the bed in the cell. Upon getting out the group hears a noise that Hiroshi investigates, when he comes back to tell the group it was a rat to see that only Takeshi is in the room. He’ll soon shout, "I see the Oni!" and runs away but no chase will start, Hiroshi will soon find a key to the library which he’ll find a key to a prison office. After finding the key a chase will start with the oni. After going upstairs and in the girls bathroom, Hiroshi will find his teacher hiding from the oni and she’ll join the party. After getting the lighter from an art room, the teacher will become panicked and run off starting another scripted chase sequence.

Bonus Scenario Plot (Tabibito)[]

The game starts with you playing as an old man in the hospital that is used in the third game. At the end of the scenario you realize that the hospital is on a small island. This island is the oni's nesting ground. The scenario ends with him jumping off a cliff and the title of Ao Oni 3 with the words “coming soon” under it.


  • You can play as a different character in each scenario.
  • You can earn blue coins to spend on masks that change the oni's appearance.
  • Ao Oni 2 is still being updated frequently.
  • The oni sometimes would knock on the door of where you're hiding.