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Gameplays and Scenarios Edit

There are 8 possible gameplays and scenarios in this game. I will list them, below.

  • Hiroshi
  • Takeshi
  • Mika
  • Takuro
  • Hiroshi Bonus 1 (The bonus can be obtained after finishing the main story. Each scenario will cost 100 blue coins. You will obtain a free mask after finishing the scenario. The same applies to HIKAKIN Scenario)
  • Hiroshi Bonus 2
  • Hiroshi Bonus 3
  • Hiroshi Bonus 4
  • HIKAKIN Scenario (to obtain this scenario, you must start a new Hiroshi game and then name him ヒカキン)

Featured Characters Edit

  • Hiroshi
  • Mika
  • Takeshi
  • Takuro
  • Little Girl
  • Little Girl’s Aunt/Mother/Grandmother
  • Tabibito
  • Assorted cruise ship members
  • Clown Oni
  • Hobo Oni
  • King Oni
  • Puppet Oni
  • Fish Oni
  • Tarantula Oni (I will make a page for the Fish and Spider Onis soon)
  • Painting Oni (same here, but he only appeared like once)
  • Ao Oni

Ao Oni 3 Hiroshi Edit

Playing As Hiroshi In Hiroshi Scenario-Ship Edit

You start the game. This is the only role that you get to change the name of. It starts with you on the deck of a ship, possibly a cruise ship, but small. You are surrounded by your friends, Mika, Takeshi, and Takuro. They say some stuff, (I can’t read the dialogue, I’m not Japanese), and leave the deck. The next thing you do is, once the game lets you control, explore the ship, and go back onto the deck, where you will find and old woman and a little girl, the same little girl from Ao Oni 2. She has lost her handkerchief. So forward and talk to her, then go back to the cafeteria (or that place with all the red chairs), and check out the shiny thing, which will be her handkerchief. Go back to her and talk to her, she will receive the handkerchief. I don’t know what kind of dialogue there is or what happens but whatever. Go back to the cafeteria, where you will see your friends. Talk to them. Go through the dialogue, assuming you can understand it, and then the ship will begin to shake, and the screen blacks out.

Playing As Hiroshi in Hiroshi Scenario-Hill Edit

When you gain consciousness, you’ll find yourself on the banks of an ugly looking beach thingy, having apparently drifted ashore. Move around, and the exit is pretty clear, since the rest of the way is blocked by rocks. Go up, you don’t need to check out the door on the right yet, just go straight. Notice the well on the right side of the door. That’s a hiding place. Go into the door, and you’ll see The Oni, although it doesn’t chase you yet. Notice the file box on your left, which will be locked for the time being. So up, and to the door on the left, where you’ll see a corridor, with bats. If you approach the bats, the just fly away. Go to the next room, and check out that hole in the wall. All you have to do is press the screen and hold after you read the dialogue. You’ll know when because it shows a blue bar, and a hand pressing the screen. You’ll get the Philips Head Screwdriver. Use it on the lock files, and you’ll get a key. I advise you save, because there’s going to be an Oni chase right after. Remember to hide in the well before the Oni comes into the room or corridor or whatever. After the chase, go down and to the door on the right. Again, you have to press and hold. After you’ve finished that, go straight up, through the next opening, and examine the silver door. It‘s once of those doors like you see in hotels with a peep hole. Press the peep hole. And you‘ll see the number 5100. Go to the passcode thing next to it (looks like a calculato to me), where you’ll see 🔺 + 1200. Just add the two numbers and you get 6300. Go up, don’t worry about Oni chases for now, and you’ll see the old woman you saw earlier on the ship. Exchange a few (Japanese) words with her, and go through that white thing on the wall on the top right. Don’t mind the big iron door, it’s locked until the very end of the game. So once you go thorugh the white door, Hiroshi will control himself for a few seconds, walking from side to side of the cliff. Then it’ll show you a picture of the island, and the words Ao Oni 3 will appear (in Japanese duh), and then there’s this picture of an Oni with hands ready to catch you. After that, it’ll send you back to where the old woman is sitting (is she meditating?), and read the dialogue, she‘ll say something I dunno and then there’s gonna be a map that shows up. You can access this map anytime by pressing Menu, and then pressing the map button, but you won’t need to, because the game will tell you when you need to press it. Anyway, once the map shows up, it’ll show you that you’re on a hill or mountain. There’s also a new location that opens up, the hospital. Press on that one, and if you can’t read Japanese, just press the choice that has the red writing on it. It’ll lead you too the abandoned hospital.

Playing As Hiroshi In Hiroshi Scenario-Hospital Edit

When you enter the hospital, go to the left, and check out the beds. Push the middle bed to the left, where you’ll find a hammer. Go to the next room on the left, but you don’t need to do anything here, so proceed to the next room (also on the left), and use the hammer on the cracked wall. Go inside, and there will be half of a key. Go our again, and the next thing you need to do is push the eye test sign to the room on the right. Align the board to the slit on the ground, then turn the projector on. You will see the directions to unlock the locked door. Go back to the room where you owned the board and press the buttons in this order: down, right, up, up, right. The last time I redid the game to do this, the projector didn’t turn on, and I had to go back to the room where you first start, and then there was a LAG, and Hiroshi freaked out. I dunno what happened... on with the story... So after you press the buttons, the door unlocks. Go straight, and check out the papers in you right in the table. That will be your clue for the next puzzle. Then go to the room on the left, and check out one of the cabinets, where you will find the other half of the key. Combine the two pieces, and you’ll have the key to the door on top. Once you enter, it will show you a scene of the Hobo Oni entering the hospital. Go check out the computer, where there’s another clue for the password on the door. Ok, tbh, I don’t get the puzzle AT ALL, but the password is 7102. Hooray for my smartness!

Playing As Takeshi In Hiroshi Scenario-Hospital Edit

Ok, now you see Takeshi. You guys exchange a few words, and then we get to control Takeshi. Go to the room on top, and check out the vault. You’ll get a blue case. Go out, and then into the room on the left. Check out the X-ray machine, and if you use the blue case on it, you’ll see a foot in it. Go into the door on top, down the stairs, walk a few steps to the left, and the Oni will emerge from the coffin and chase you. After you finish hiding, go back to the room with the coffins, and check out the left side of the third coffin from the left. You’ll get a red case. If you want, you can check out the X-ray machine, and you’ll see a hand in the red case. Place this red case into the casket where the Oni came from, and place the blue one into the second coffin from on the left. You’ll unlock the door. Go back out of the room, and go to the black door on the top, which you just unlocked. Go to the next door, dont mind the red button for now. You don’t need to press it now. Check out the poster on the wall. It’ll show you a map. Two of the locations are blocked out, but the room on the right is number 1 and the room to the left is 4. It’s basically the order of the buttons you need to press. Go to Room 1, the surgery room, and press the button. Also pick up the book on the shelf. Next go to Room 2, the waiting room, and press the button. The third button you will need to press is in the top room. Go back out, and go to the fourth room. There will be an Oni chase. After hiding, go back to the room and press the fourth button. Finally, go back to Room 1, and go right until you get into room 5, the X-Ray room, and press that button too. The wall will crumble away, but if you go in, all of the doors are locked. You need to go all the way back to room 3, and check out the posters on the wall. They’ll give you a clue for the password for the door. Also check out the book you have, but don’t use it. It’ll have a 4 of Clubs on it. Check out the clock too, the Spades will be on the 8 number, check out the door, and it’ll give you the order of the numbers. The password is 8431.

Playing As Both Takeshi And Hiroshi in Hiroshi Scenario-Hospital Edit

Go down into the corridor, and go to the room on the left. You’ll see Hiroshi, and then the two of you walk off together into the room on the bottom. The ceiling will crumble once you take a few steps, making it impossible for you to backtrack more. Check out the drawer, and you’ll find a box. Go to inventory/items, and examine the box. Don’t use it, just press the red button on top of it, and it’ll open to reveal a key. Go to the next room. DO NOT check out the body bags just yet, the Oni will climb out and chase you, and you don’t have anywhere to hide. Go upstairs, and into the room on top. You’ll find a squiggly thingy that will have the word Call on it. Then exit the room, and check out the top bookshelf. Push it to the left two times, and you’ll see a hole. If you go into it, you’ll find yourself next the the nosy bad that contains the Oni, except now let it chase you, since you have a way to escape. Once it chases you, go upstairs, drop down the hole again, and repeat until you’ve lost it. Go back to the body bag, which will be open, and take the wire inside. Go down now, where there will be Three doors. Go to the one on the far right, where you’ll find an elevator that does work. If you don’t check this out first, it won’t let you access the phone. Exit, use the key on the middle door, and check out the sign on the left, which says something, and 205. Next go to the room on the left, and check out the silver squiggly thing on the wall. Connect the Call string thing to it, and pick up the shiny letter, then read it. It’s just a letter from the Nurse telling you to call her (I think). Go back outside, and use the wire on the phone. The code is 205. After that, go back to the middle room, and you’ll find a key. Next, go upstairs and to the room on the far right, there will be a locked closet. Open it, and you’ll get....something. I have no idea what it is, but anyway, go downstairs and into the elevator room, use the control thing you just got on the silver passcode thingy that looks like a calculator. After that, go to the actual password thing that usually opens doors, and press it. The elevator will open. Go inside, and once you go in, the Oni will attempt to chase you, but fail.

Once you exit the elevator, proceed a few steps, Takeshi and Hiroshi will say something, then walk a few more steps, when the Oni climbs out of a...uh I dunno a vent thingy. Takeshi gets chased, and we’re left alone.

Playing As Hiroshi In Hiroshi Scenario-First Major Chase Edit

This is the first puzzle that will later on be used for a scenario. Go to examine the red valve-like thing, and examine it. Hobo Oni will crawl out of it, and there will be two Oni’s who will SLOOWLY chase you. Go around and around the walls, which is used so you can get away from those ugly homeless Onis. Every time you go around the wall, make a detour to the valve. All you have to do is press and hold until the bar is all blue. You will need to circle around the wall a few times to finish the task. After you finish it, go to the door in which Takeshi went through to escape the Oni. Go down, and there will be a new location on the map—the mansion.

Playing As Hiroshi In Hiroshi Scenario-Mansion Edit

Enter it, and the first room you need to enter is the corridor on left, then the door on the bottom. Move the objects until you get the C note of the piano. Go upstairs, to the room your immediate right. Place the piano key into the piano, which will give you access to the drawers. If you don’t speak Japanese, that piece of puzzle will be useless for you, cuz you the drawers will give you the puzzles in Japanese. Afterward, go out of that room, and enter the door on the far left room on the bottom. There will be a few things that you can flip. From left to right, it will be down, up, up, down. After taking the key, get out of that room and go use the key on the door on the top of the screen. The first room you will need to go to is the room right in front of you. Enter, and you will see six frames, three of them occupied by Ao Oni pictures. This will be a clue to the next puzzle. Check out the plaster statue, where you will get a blank piece of paper. Thats all for that room FOR NOW. Exit, and then go to the boiler room (located on the bottom left). If you observe the room, you will find that you can fill the tubs with water by tapping the boiler situated right above it. Then, you can drain the water by tapping the bathtub. The order of the water in the bathtubs are: without, with, without, with, with, without. Doing that will cause the water to drain out of the bathtub in the room with the Ao Oni pictures. Go check out that room again, and you will find a key. Exit this room, well actually, just go downstairs, and back to the room where you first stepped into the mansion. Use your new key on the grandfather clock, which will give you a—what the heck do you call those things? Its the thing your put into a machine to turn it...maybe a winder? I dunno. Go back upstairs, and now to the room on the right side, where the typewriter is. First, use the silver winder on the typewriter, and then use the sheet of paper on the typewriter. You will obtain a sheet of paper with a Japanese symbol on it (don’t ask me to translate I don’t know Japanese). Tap the symbol, and it will give you the number: 1837. This will be the number to the safe located outside of the room where the typewriter is. After obtaining the key, you will be chased by Mr. Ao Oni. Hide from him (obviously). After going downstairs, you will notice that the ceiling crumbles, giving you no access to the upstairs rooms. Go back to the room where the grandfather clock is, and use your new key on the door on the far right. After accessing that part of the mansion, go to the room on the right, where there will be a well. First thing you need to do is pick up the shiny object, which is a bundle of rope. Go back towards the hallway, and go to the room on the top, where there are nine statues. Check out the phone of the top right, which will have the numbers 123,223,122. This is a clue for you to move the statues (which either has one, two, or three swords on it) in the correct order of the numbers. I know this might sound confusing in text, but if you play the game, you’ll know what I’m talking about. If you still have questions, I’m always active, so just comment below! Moving on. After finishing that puzzle, go to the cupboard and take the empty tin bucket. Then exit the room, and re-enter. Check out first statue of the first row on top. It will give you one of those things you use to plug a sink so that the water doesn’t drain. Exit the room, and go to the bathroom (located on you immediate left. Use the plug thingy on the sinkand exit the room. Use the bucket on the well back in the room on the bottom right. After obtaining water from the well, use the bucket full of water to fill the sink back in the bathroom, which will give you the numbers: 3810. Go back to the room with the statues, and enter these numbers into the passcode safe thingy (that thing that looks like a calculator you know). You have gained access to the......AO ONI CHURCH! Ok, pick up the shiny object, and immediately the Oni will come and chase you. After escaping, go back to the main room (the one with the grandfather clock, and use your newly obtained key on the corridor where there are Ao Oni scribbles all over the walls. Once you enter the room, you will find a set of stairs. Go down, and there will be a bit of dialogu, since you have found Mika trapped in a cell of the opposite site of a large split in the ground (what are those even called tho). After talking with Mika, who can’t seem to get out of her cell, the next thing you will need to do is go to the room on the left, and pick up the stick on the 8 Ball Pool table. Check out the art easel, and place the stick on it. The next thing to do is to go to the room on the very top, where there are three paintings of the Ao Oni. Pick up the shiny thing, which is another baton/stick, and place on the art easel once more. Go to the next room on the left, which is a small puzzle involving moving rocks to get to the two drawers on the top of the room. This puzzle is fairly easy, and there’s almost no way to explain it, so I just won’t. There are two clusters of cabinets, and there will be one stick and one phone. After obtaining the two items, use the stick on the easel, and exit that part of the room, back into the room with the large gap in the middle. Now go to the room on the right, where there will be another rock puzzle. Again, Im not giving directions. If you do get frustrated with it, please please contact me on my message board! In this puzzle, you will obtain a cell phone battery and the last baton stick. Combine the cell phone battery with the phone. Place the baton on the arts easel, and it will give you the numbers 8132. Go allllll the way back to the main room (grandfather clock room), and type in 8132 to open the door. As you walk in, there will be a pop up picture of the grandfather clock with the Oni’s reflection on it. Proceed a few steps up, and the Oni will make its epic climb out of the fireplace. After hiding from him, go back to the room with the fireplace, and use the phone to scan the QR code that is on the wall. The screen will black out, and you are now able to play as Mika.

Playing As Mika In Hiroshi Scenario-Mansion Edit

The first thing you u will need to do is, once the shelf falls over, check out the toilet thingy (I’m a girl I dunno what that’s called), which will hold a magnet. The first thing you should do after leaving that room is (once you’re in the hallway), go the the room on the left side of the telephone. Check out the cabinet, which will give a turtle coin. Exit, and go to the room on the right side of of the telephone. Check out the portrait with the lion coin on it. Use the magnet on the portrait, and you will receive the lion coin. Once you’ve obtained the lion coin, use the turtle coin on the portrait. Then go back to the room where you found the turtle coin, and use the lion coin on the empty portrait. After swapping out the coins, go to the room on the far left of the hallway, where there is a television. You don’t need to look at this, for that was just clue that would help you swap the two coins. Check out the shiny thing that’s on the ground, which is a key. Also check out the picture frame next to it on the wall, which will read, red, blue, blue, blue, red, blue. Use the key on bathroom, located on the bottom left of the room that you are currently in. There will be a sink, and youll have to do this in order: hot, cold, cold, cold, hot, cold. You will get a telephone wire. Use it one the telephone located in the hallway. There will be a scripted Ao Oni chase here. After hiding from the Oni, the last door will be available. Go through the stairs, and back to the room where you last saw Hiroshi. Mika will be eaten by the puppet oni. You are now playing as Hiroshi once more.

Playing As Hiroshi In Hiroshi Scenario- Second Major Chase Edit

When you go through the hole in the wall after Mika is killed, you will enter a sort of warehouse like area where there are five areas that have numbers on them. Press them in order, while avoiding the Puppet Oni. Mind that before the Oni pounces, there will be a shadow, so make sure not to be standing right on the shadow. Once you press all five switches, the door will be open and you are free to go to the next area on the map—the carnival.

Playing As Hiroshi In Hiroshi Scenario-Carnival Edit

To Be Continued...