This walkthrough is for Version 6.23.

Another walkthrough available on the official website in Japanese. Many of the puzzles are too length in explanation to describe here, so their respective articles will be linked.

Controls/How to Play

The controls of Ao Oni are quite simple. Use the arrow keys to move. Enter/C in order to examine. Esc/X will bring up the menu where you can quit, use items and save your game. The game will consist of Hiroshi exploring the mansion solving puzzles while avoiding The Oni.


Closets are the only place in the game where you can hide from The Oni. Press the Examine Key to en

Hiroshi hiding in a closet.

ter one.

Closets are not always safe, however. If The Oni is in the room when you hide in a closet, he will find you in the closet. Even if The Oni is not in the room, it is still not always safe to hide in closets. It is better to run then to hide in a closet sometimes.


The Foyer is the area where you start the game. Head right into the kitchen. Move North and examine the plate to get the item "Plate Shard". Head back into the room where you started the game. Takeshi, Takuro and Mika will be missing. Head upstairs into the North-East room and go to the desk. The closet will shake. It is not required to examine it, but if you do you will find Takeshi shivering. Head back over to the desk, push the stool out of the way with the examine button. Examine under the desk to obtain the item "Library Key". I recommend you save. 

The Foyer Entrance

Head downstairs, enter the room that is located in between the entrance of the house and the kitchen. Your controls will be frozen for a little bit while The Oni walks around the room. He is no where to be found if you look around in the Library for him. Head over to the table, examine the single lone book to move it over. You will find the item "Bedroom Key" under it.

The Oni will begin to chase Hiroshi. A basic escape strategy is to head into the room you found Takeshi in and quickly hide in the closet with the examine button before The Oni can enter the room. The Oni will check the room. It will be safe to leave the closet after you have heard 2 door slams. Leave the closet with the examine button. There will be paper infront of you, pick it up with the examine button to get the item Handkerchief. Go back to the Entrance Room. Head West and then into the room North of you. Examine the bathtub and the water will drain. Examine the bathtub again to get the item "Phillip's Head Screwdriver". Exit the room, and go West. Examine the cupboard and you will achieve the item "Soap". Head back upstairs. Go up the second set of stairs, and head North. Approach the door. Takuro will enter the room and have a short conversation with Hiroshi. He will then leave the room. Face the door, open the Item screen and use the Item "Phillip's Head Screwdriver". Hiroshi will obtain a doorknob. Leave the room, and head into the other room to your left. Approach the bed on the left, and push it with the examine key. A hole will appear. Drop into the hole and you will be in the piano room. Approach the bookshelf on the left in the room, and examine it. A safe will appear. Head over to the piano. Use the Item "Soap" to pour soap on the "Handkerchief." I recommend you save the game here. Use the Handkerchief while facing the piano, and you will wipe the paint off the piano with the "Handkerchief".                                     

Hiroshi in the piano room


The Oni will begin to chase the player again. Head downstairs to where you started the game and into the Kitchen. Go behind the couch. When The Oni begins to approach Hiroshi facing his back, exit the room. The Oni should stop chasing you, but it will not take long to make him cease chasing if he continues to chase Hiroshi.

Go back to the Piano. Examine it to find numbers on the piano. The player must flip the numbers in order to find the safe combination.. Please see the article Piano puzzle to figure out this puzzle. Answers can be found here.  Enter the code to open the safe, press the examine key, and the safe will open. Examine it to obtain the Item "Kid's Bedroom Key". Head into the room left of the room you found Takeshi in. Mika will be in there. It is not required to talk to her. There will be "Lighter Fluid" on top of the shelf in the room. Push the chair in the room with the examine key over to the Lighter Fluid. Get on the chair by approaching it from a spot where you can't push it, and then pressing the examine button. Get the Lighter Fluid with the examine button. Push the examine button to get down from the chair, and head out of the room. Go downstairs into the "Entrance Room". Head into the room North of you. Head East. You will be in the Tatomi Room. Save the game, and approach the doors North of you.

Tatomi tutorial


Run from The Oni, and use your strategy of choice.

Once the chase is over, head back into the Tatomi Room and examine the other door to find the Lighter. Open the Item screen and use the "Lighter Fluid." Hiroshi will now be able to use the Lighter. Head East to notice that one of the walls are a bit grayer then the others. Face the suspicious wall and use the Plate Shard. A door revealed! You cannot open it though. Open the Item screen and use the item "Doorknob". Enter the room, and you will notice it is dark. Use the Lighter. There is a candle in the room you can light. Simply use the examine key to light it. Go North, and examine the bookshelf to move it. Enter the Jail Cell, and close the door behind you. Pick up the Item "Basement Key", and The Oni will enter the room. Hiroshi will have to wait for him to leave the room.

Exit the Jail Cell, leave the Tatomi Room, and open the door to your Left. Hiroshi will unlock it and then hear Mika scream. Save the game, and go to the room you found her in.


Once you escape The Oni, go back to the room you tried to enter. Hiroshi will enter the basement.


Head North and to the room on your left. Push the chair to the gray stick on top of the shelf nearby in the room.

Get on the chair the same way you did before and take the Flat Head. Push the chair into the other room, and then to the South. Push it near the shiny and get on the chair. Take the item "Basement Jail Cell Key". Get off the chair, save the game, and walk North.

  • WARNING: SCRIPTED ONI CHASE                  

    Hiroshi in the Basement


Mika is back! You better have lit that candle. Go into the room with the Jail Cell, and close the door behind you. Mika will be unable to get in the Jail Cell. Just wait for her to leave the room like with the normal Oni. Return to the Basement. Go to the other room to the right. Once in this room, head right again. It will be dark, so use the Lighter  to let up the place. Open the Jail Cell with the key you obtained. Light the candle. There will be blue gibberish on the wall, and examining it won't do anything. Leave the Jail Cell, and look at it through the bars. Remember the code, and head back into the Basement Entrance. Examine the left shelf first, and then examine the other one. You will need to use your screwdriver on it. However, the Phillip's Head Screwdriver will not work. Open your Item screen and use the Flat Head in order to obtain the Flat Head Screwdriver. Use the Flat Head Screwdriver on the screws you found to reveal a safe. Use the code you found in the Basement Jail Cell. Hiroshi will obtain the Annex key. Head back into the East room. Save your game, and try to open the door. It won't open. Try opening it again, and...


Run from Mika and use whatever strategy you like.

Head back into the room where the door didn't open. It will open this time. Save your game, and enter the Annex.


Go north, go to the room to your left, and then south. Examine the doll on the bottom of the shelf to pick it up. Take him with you. Head back to the Annex Entrance, and upstairs. Go to the room on your left, and examine the lamp to pick up the light bulb. Leave the room and proceed heading upstairs. Head into the room at the top floor, and push the box into the hole. Walk over the box and get the item "Lighter Fluid". Use the Lighter Fluid and leave the room. Head back downstairs. Save your game, and go to the room on your right. Walk a little be forward, and...

This is another simple chase. Two things one should know: Closing the Basement Jail Cell door behind you won't prevent The Oni from getting you, and second: the closet that Mika came from as The Oni is not safe to hide in, no exceptions. 

Lightbulb is East of Hiroshi


Once escaping The Oni, head back into the room with the fireplace that The Oni came from and light it. Use the item "Doll", and then examine the fire to get the item "Red Stone". Go back downstairs into the Annex Entrance and into the room on your left. Enter the room and find the candle. Light the candle and a small conversation with Takeshi will begin. He will run away from you. Locate the statue in the room, and push it into the Annex Entrance. Push it into the room South of Hiroshi, and down the stairs. Examine the statue's remains to get the Item "Blue Stone". Head back into the Annex Entrance, and continue going North. Go to the room on your right this time, and you will see 2 dolls. One of them will have gray eyes and the other will have no eyes at all. Face the doll with no eyes and use the Items "Red Stone" and "Blue Stone". The dolls head will fall off, and Hiroshi will collect it. Replace where the doll's head was with the lightbulb that you found. Turn off the lights in the room. The room will still be lit, and there will be a shadow pointing torwards a wall. Use the Item "Plate Shard" on this spot, and a door will be revealed. However, it is locked. Exit the room, and go to the room where you found the one-eyed Doll. You will see Takeshi hung himself. Save your game. Face the gray sheet on the wall, and use the item "Doll Head". A safe will be revealed. Hiroshi will have to find the code. Go back to the room where you found "Lighter Fluid" in the Annex, and you will notice the white sheet of paper now has numbers written on it. Remember these numbers, and go back into the room where Takeshi hung himself. Use the numbers you found upstairs on the safe to receive the Item "Basement Key". Save your game, leave the room, and...


Run! It's Takeshi! After escaping him, you will have to go back to the Annex Entrance. This time go to the room on your right. Save your game. Walk a little bit forward, and a hole will appear. Hiroshi will fall into it.


Just another chase. Be sure to escape using the door on the left in the room when you come up the stairs.

Head back into the room, use your key on the door, and enter the Annex Basement. Welcome to the darkest place ever.

Annex Basement

Turn on your lighter, and head left. Go into the South room and push the tree to reveal a lever. Pull the lever to turn on the lights. Examine a shelf nearby to get the item "Picture Book". Use the picture book and flip the pages until you find a bookmark. Take the book mark. Go into the room above, and examine the curtain to reveal a bathtub. Examine the bathtub to reveal the Item "Red Key." Take the Item "Red Key" and leave the room. Go right and examine one of the black blocks to move it. There will be a door there, but it will be locked. Head up to see a door that won't open. Examine the keypad next to it to reveal that you will need a code. Use the item "Flat Head Screwdriver" to make part of the keypad fall off. Use the bookmark to reveal a lot of dots. Attempt to open the locked door next to you to find out what order you need to count the dots in. So if the door had green, red, blue and white dots and the bookmark showed 4 green dots, 2 red dots, 9 blue dots and 5 white dots the code would be 4295. Use the code to unlock the door and save your game. Enter the door, walk a little bit North, and...


Don't panic. Go to the room to your left and hide in the closet. Wait for 4 door slams and exit the closet. You will notice a part of the rug is distorted. Examine the distorted part from above to reveal the item "Disk". Take it with you and head into the room Mika came from. Open the closet to find Takuro who has twisted his ankle. He will give you Vinegar. Head into the room where you found the bathtub. Push the bathtub South to reveal a case of stairs. Head down the stairs. Use the Item "Vinegar" to find out the Red Key is not a Red Key, but the "Iron Gate Key". Use it on the Jail Cell infront of you. You will see 3 paintings. There are buttons under them. Examine the Disk to find out the order you are supposed to push them in. Push the colors shown on the Disk clockwise.

Take the Item "Metal Stick". Use the Item "Metal Stick" to get the Item "Hidden Door Key". Go back to where you placed the Bookmark, and if you have not, examine the Black Block to reveal the Hidden Door. Enter and after a tiny amount of exploring Hiroshi will find a ladder him and Takuro can use to escape. Go back to the closet you found Takuro in, save your game, and return to the ladder.


Run from The Oni, but don't hide in the closet you hid from Mika and Takeshi in. Return to the ladder to find the Item "Backdoor Key". Head back to the room with the Doll who has a light bulb for a head. Enter the hidden door I talked about earlier. Do a little bit of walking, save your game, and enter the "Old Building".

Old Building

Welcome to the Old Building, the final area of the game! Head upstairs and into the room on the far right in the bottom of the room. Use the "Plate Shard" on where the scribbles end to reveal a door. A hidden door will be revealed, enter the room and walk to try to get the shiny. Suddenly, the chase theme will start. The Oni is heading your way! If you wait for a while, he'll come in the room. If you manage to get around him, Mika will appear at the door. Just hide in the closet and wait for The Oni to leave the room as usual. When you exit the closet, The Oni will have scribbled all over the room. Just take the Item "Die" and leave the room. Once you retreive the Die, go into the first room you found upstairs. Save your game, walk around a little bit in the room, and...

The Old Building Entrance


There is an easy way to evade this Oni chase. Go back downstairs and into the first room you see. The chase theme will stop. Hurry up and get out before Mika can emerge from the closet. Go back to the room The Oni broke the floor in, and drop down the hole. There will be a frame with Dice in it. Use the Item "Die" in order to reveal a combination. Remember this combination. Leave the room and go to the room on the far right. In this area, you will find a church area. There will be buttons under the benches. Use the combination you found on the Die. I'm going to try to explain how the Die combination works.

. . .

. . O

. . .

The "O" is the lit up area. So head into the Chapel.

... ...

... ... <-- Push this bench's button

... ...

You will see a long stick on one of the benches. Examine the bench from below in order to pick up this Stick. After using the combination, the statue in the front of the room should move. Head down the stairs.

Save your game. Go into the room on the far top-left. Examine the curtain to reveal a "Rope Ladder". Take it. Now close all the curtains to find a combination of shapes. The sides of these shapes will reveal a code. Example:

Square Triangle Circle Triangle

That means the code would be 4303.

Head into the room directly South of Hiroshi after leaving the room, and find the candle in the room. Light it. You will see a shiny in a Jail Cell. Get on the row of tiles the shiny is on, face the Jail Cell, and use the stick to receive the Item "Study Key". Go into the room East and South of Hiroshi and light the room's candle. Go back upstairs and up the 2nd row of stairs. Go into the room on the right. (not the one where you found the Die)

Welcome to the Study Room. Save your game. Move North-East in the room and use your screwdriver on the screws. Start pushing the chair you saw when you entered the room to your left. A cat will appear and leave the room. Push it left again, and you will see the most horrifying thing ever.


This Oni is hard to get away from. Instead of a 10 second timer, you will have to evade him for 20 seconds. The Mika Closet room will aid you though. Return to the Study Room and continue to push the chair to the safe. This code will be the sides of the shapes we found earlier. Hiroshi will take the Item "Basement Key". That's a lot of Basement keys. This is actually the key to the Oni Room.  Go to the room North and East of Hiroshi and take the Blue Piece. Head back to the room where you found the Study Key and use the key you found on the door South of Hiroshi. Here you will find the Oni Room! This is an easy room. Approach the Jail Cell door found shutting The Onis away and the hunchback Oni will open it. Go back to the door where you entered the room and hold up. You will leave the room a second before The Onis can get you. Return to the room and take the Blue Piece in the frame. Go back outside the Chapel. Use the Rope Ladder on the hole and drop down with it. Take the Blue Piece inside, and go back to the chapel, then to the Basement of the Old Building.. This time, head to the room East. Save your game, try to place a piece, and...


Escape Takuro, return to the room you were in, and start placing the Blue Pieces in the frame.

When you are done, the door above you will unlock. Open the door and start running.


Takuro is after you again! Just go up the stairs and run South. This is by far the easiest Oni chase in the game. Now just scroll through the text and enjoy the ending!


This is the end of the Walkthrough! I put a lot of time and research into this walkthrough, if you liked it please let me know. I repeat, walkthrough made by Josh The Biker. 

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