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Advertisement is the most recent installment of the Ao Oni series, being mobile-exclusive. This game is quite different from the others, as it is played "online" and is not story driven.


You and 99 other players (100 in total) try to outlast each other while being hunted by three Onis. There are no puzzles in this game.


There are three things you can interact with in this game. They are the locker/closet, the button, and the treasure chest. The locker/closet allows you to hide from the Onies. You can stay in there forever, but other players can throw you out. The Onies will never find you if you stay in the locker the entire game. The button is located near gates and allows you to open and close them.

The Treasure Chest[]

Upon opening the treasure chest, the game can give you one of six things. The Roller Skates, the Gas Mask, the Ball and Chain, the Confusion Potion, Blue Balls, and Blue Coins.

Japan version[]

Ao Oni Online <————— wiki for this version

In the Japanese version, you have 2 game modes. One of them is the first thing is the one mentioned^^^. The other is a game mode called Aonige five, where you twist tanks that will open the door to escape. In this game mode, you play with 4 other players (5 in total) and you have to try to escape before the time limit runs out or the 3 Onis get you (2 Onis and a Fuwatti), 3.1.7: you can now roll a roulette to get skins for Aonige 5

Unlike the English version, your Oni has a chance of getting different skins in the survival and in twisting the tanks, the Oni's is always set to fit the map. There is also pets, you can get from eggs in chests.

There is a tab where you can buy past event skins (with yen or advertisements, 1 for 4 times the week), and you can also buy a rainbow skin of the update and rainbow eggs with crystals (obtainable through aoonige 5).

Oni tower is really popular but it is a limited event.

3.2.1: Ao oni race, you have to race other players until you get to the end and there obstacles that block your way.

4.0.2: Gachi Battle, where you get three skins and it’ll assign you an Oni for it, you go against other players 10 in total overall players in the match.


can be find in chest

Roller Skates[]

will make player a little bit faster

Gas Mask[]

will secure player from purple fog for 20 seconds, this means that you can still die.

Ball and Chain[]

It slows you down.

Confusion Potion[]

walking will be in the opposite direction. For example, you want to go to the right and you will be led to the left.

Oni Virus[]

It is obtainable as a Fuwatti costume (to disguise yourself from the oni) in team battles and is also a separate item you get.

Player drops[]

All off the above drop from the player if they have it. It will sparkle above the player and you can pick it up (only you).

Oni virus[]

It's a rare drop, and is only obtainable in the Japanese version of the game. It can also be bought. You get to control the Oni and kill as much players as possible, you get a skin at 80 players killed.(100 players)


Blue Orbs[]

It is used for getting rare skins or speeches when you reach level 3 (or 60 of them). The options are either Buda, God, or something else and in the English version you can only get Buda.

Blue Coins[]

can be used for getting skins from events. Hidden in Chests.


In the Japanese version, you can get skins and eggs with this but it's costly. you can obtain them by playing escape 5 ((Ao onige 5))