The panel with a Blue Piece inserted.

The Blue Puzzle (青のパズル Ao no pazuru) is the final puzzle in Ao Oni version 6.23. It is located in the Old Building under the shrine in the chapel. Its completion is necessary before the player can escape once and for all.

Solving the puzzleEdit

The player must search the Old Building for 3 Blue Pieces that are in 3 specific areas. Once they are located, they must be placed into a frame that is in the easternmost room in the basement. Below the pieces are listed in the order of easiest to obtain to hardest, though they may be collected in any order.

Inverted L PieceEdit

After entering the basement, enter the southeastern room. Use the Lighter to locate a candle to light the room. Exit the room and proceed to the room on the far left. Behind the certain with a pentagon is a rope ladder. Return the hole that is outside the chapel entrance, use the rope ladder and climb down into the room with the Blue Piece. The door will lock when you take it, so use the rope to leave the room.

Wide PieceEdit

This piece is found in the room where the Oni burst through the floorboards, however the piece isn't present on the frame but instead behind it. Before the player can obtain this piece, they must have access to the study. Once in the study, go to the eastern part of the room and examine the wall; there will be a set of plus-shaped screws. Use the Philips head attachment to remove the screws, then exit the study and return to the room with the hole in the floor. The Blue Piece will be lying within the frame.

Long PieceEdit

After obtaining the previous piece, return to the study. When investigating the source of the shattered glass, the player may notice a cat run from behind the bookshelf. Approaching them will trigger another chase, this one with the Blockman Oni. Once the chase is over, return to the room where the rope ladder was found. Examine the beds to reveal four curtains, each with a different shape: triangle, circle, square and pentagon. Go back to the study and push the chair to the wall where the picture fell. When prompted to enter a password, use the sides of the shapes to discover the code: the triangle has 3 sides, so the first number is 3; the circle has no sides, so the second number is 0, and so on. Once the code is inputted, the player will obtain a Basement Key. Return the room with the cells and use the key on the southern door, this is the Oni Room. When you approach the gate, the Hunchbacked Oni will open the gate and proceed to chase you. Return to the door and keep trying the door until the oni is near you, the door will unlock. Leave and re-enter the room, the monsters are now absent. Enter the cage and proceed to the frame to obtain the Blue Piece.