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In Version 6.23, it is shown that a victim that an oni kills will become an Oni ( Oni?, lit. "Demon") themselves. The new morphed oni will turn against Hiroshi and chase him. These transformed onis also seem to be able to transform back into the original character. Their oni forms are identical to the regular oni, albeit with the hair of the respective character.

The movement and speed of the Transformed onis are identical to the original oni. All three can even appear as random chases just like the original. Towards the end of Version 6.23, this makes five different enemies that begin to appear at random. Note that if one Oni chase is activated, only scripted events can add another Oni.

Transformed Onis Edit


Jon about to transform into an Oni.

If you input Hiroshi's name as "JMU" in the name entry screen, Jon will be in the kitchen resting in the sofa. If you make the Oni chase Hiroshi to the kitchen and cease chasing, going back to the kitchen will make him turn into the oni.

Mika Oni Transformation

Mika turning into an Oni.

As Hiroshi is about to enter the basement, he hears Mika's screams from the kid's bedroom. As Hiroshi enters the room Mika was in, he sees the Oni supposedly eating her. Later on, Hiroshi will encounter Mika in the basement for a few seconds. She then morphs into the Mika Oni and chases Hiroshi around.

  • In the mobile version of the original, the Mika oni doesn't appear attack the old man, even though she's already an Oni.


Takeshi Oni and Takuro Oni.

After Takeshi hangs himself in the annex, he will later appear as the Takeshi oni. The Takeshi Oni also appears in the South Park Mode.


Takeshi Oni and Takuro Oni.

After Takuro was apparently caught by the Oni, he will later reappear and ask to join Hiroshi. Just before Hiroshi places the final blue piece into the frame which unlocks the exit door, Takuro turns into the Takuro oni and pursues him.

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