The coloring puzzle in its solved state.

The coloring puzzle is a puzzle that appears only in Version 5.2 . It is encountered in the lattice or annex basement. By moving a cursor around a panel, you can change the color of twenty-two rectangular shapes. A single moon-shaped piece at the top cannot be changed from yellow. By quitting the puzzle, Hiroshi will explain how to solve it. You must color each piece so that no two pieces of the same color are touching.

After solving the puzzle, you get the moon piece. There are many solutions.

Graph TheoryEdit

The puzzle is a typical map-coloring puzzle. The various shapes can be represented as nodes of a graph of varying degree. A visualisation of this is below, with the red numbers indicating node degree and the yellow node indicating the unchangeable yellow moon. The quickest solution would be to locate the node of the highest degree (9) and color it yellow. Circle around to the node of the next highest degree, and color as many of them yellow as you can. Once you cannot color them yellow, continue on with other colors.


The Coloring puzzle represented as a graph.