The Doll Puzzle is a sliding puzzle introduced in Version 5.2 in which the player must seemingly place the Doll Head at the top. It is in fact impossible to slide the head into place and thus requires the "item Doll Head" to be placed on the spot instead. 


The doll puzzle.


In order to solve the puzzle the player must first pick up the Doll with one eye at the bottom of the room and take it to the Fireplace. The player must light the fireplace and then use the Doll on the Fireplace. Examine the fireplace again to get the Red Stone. Leave the room and head downstairs, and to the room on your left. Talk to Takeshi and then push the statue out of the room and out of the Annex. Push it down the stairs and then examine it's remains to get the Blue Stone. Go straight up after entering the Annex and head into the room on the right. Locate the Doll with no eyes, and place the Stones into it. The player will then achieve the Doll Head. Take it back to the puzzle and use the Doll Head to solve the puzzle.