The Foyer after everyone disappears.


The foyer in 3.0.

The Foyer (ロビー Robī) is the first place you arrive in the game, and has been present in all official versions of the game. It has a stairwell to the first floor, a door to the Tatami Room and basement, and the front door as well as two hallways.


The Foyer, as described by Takuro, "is cleaner on the inside." It has a wooden floor and white walls. It, like all rooms above the first floor, are cleaner than the rooms under the Foyer. The largest version of it is in version 1.1. Throughout the different Versions, the Foyer has undergone a few changes.

In version 1.1 and 3.0 the Foyer is large with three hallways going out in different directions. Near the front door is what appears to be a shelf or closet. The object is removed in Version 3.0.

In version 5.2 the foyer became smaller. It had two long hallways and a rather short one, leading to a door to the Tatami Room. This design is kept in the final version. If the player plays with the SOUTHPARK cheat code, the Oni first appears in the door that leads to the Tatami Room.