HIKAKIN Scenario can be played on Ao Oni 2 and Ao Oni 3.

To obtain this scenario, you would have start a new game as Hiroshi, and name him ヒカキン. For Ao Oni 2, it will say that you have achieved the new scenario, and Ao Oni 3, it will start off just like the normal game, but as you proceed in the game, HIKAKIN Oni will appear.

Ao Oni 2 HIKAKIN Edit

In the HIKAKIN scenario, Hiroshi, Takeshi, Mika, and Takuro are classmates who went to an abandoned building to test out the Seven Wonders. Takeshi is obviously unwilling to go in, and so is Hiroshi, but he doesn’t admit it. Mika calls them both lame, and proceeds to enter the building with Takuro. They explore the building for a few hours, and came to the conclusion that the Seven Wonders were false. Just then, they realized that Takeshi was not with them, and they decided to split up and look for them. They had not started however, when an Ao Oni with the face of Hikakin walks in. Mika believes that the Oni was Takeshi in disguise, and remarks how talented he is, making his face look like a “video uploader” (hint hint). She does not seem to realise that the person she thinks is Takeshi is about twice her size. The Hikakin Oni does not reply, and proceeds to eat Mika. Hiroshi and Takuro, instead of rushing to save their friend, took that opportunity to run away. After some puzzles, Hiroshi will find Takuro in a room being chased rapidly by Hikakin Oni. For some reason, Hiroshi just let’s Takuro die instead of helping him. Maybe it’s because Hiroshi is just like anyone else. In the end, Hiroshi finds the Hikakin Oni once more, who starts talking, making a BUZZY BUZZ noise, and claiming that “TAKURO AND MIKA WERE DELICIOUS”. Hiroshi then runs away, and bumps into a lost Takeshi, who appears not to have seen the Oni yet, and they both escape.

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Ao Oni 3 HIKAKIN Edit



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