Hiroshi (ひろし Hiroshi?) is the main protagonist of Ao Oni. He is the character that the player controls during the entirety of the game. Though in the first novel and movie, he is not. He is a secondary character in the 1st novel and the tritagonist in the movie. He returns to the position of main protagonist throughout the rest of the novel series.

Appearance Edit

Hiroshi is usually displayed with silver hair, glasses, wearing a white scarf, and in a school uniform throughout the game and novel. Though in version 1.1, he has dark hair, a different uniform on, different eye color, and glasses and scarf. In the movie, he looks extremely different from how he originally looks.

Personality Edit

Ao Oni (Games) Edit


Hiroshi doubting the monster in the opening cutscene.

In the beginning of the game, Hiroshi dismisses the existence of the monster in the mansion by saying it is "scientifically impossible" for monsters to exist. However, he runs into the Oni shortly after you gain control of him. Hiroshi appears to be the "brainiac" of the group and shows this by completing the daunting puzzles present within the mansion, while still avoiding the monster. After finding out that he and his friends are trapped in the mansion, Hiroshi begins to try and find a way out so everyone can escape alive.

In the most recent version, along with Ao Oni 3.0, Hiroshi is the only survivor of the mansion.

Ao Oni (Novel) Edit

The first year classroom's prodigy, Hiroshi wears his school uniform at all times. Extremely serious in nature, he almost always speaks with a formal tone. He does not believe in anything that cannot be scientifically proven. He is mostly seen with Shun in most of the images. Later on in the series, he takes his protagonist title back and is teaming up with Shun and Anna to save his "friends" from the monster's curse.

Ao Oni MovieEdit

As the movie progresses the other kids have approached the jailhouse we are then introduced to Hiroshi who is collecting plant life not far from the jailhouse in a field, he encounters the group of kids and explains his facination with larvas until he is interrupted by Takuro. Upon entering the mansion Hiroshi goes to check out a sound which is revealed to be a broken plate with a slimy substance covering it, Hiroshi exits the kitchen and checks other parts of the jailhouse. A while later Hiroshi meets up with the others briefly and welcomes Anna to join the group but suddenly Hiroshi goes off on his own, after Mika's death Hiroshi meets up with Anna and Shun we then see Hiroshi swiftly solve the piano puzzle before entering the Annex. Hiroshi turns on the light before being struck by Takuro twice using a wooden plank and he falls unconcious until Takuro is killed Anna wakes up Hiroshi and they both escape. Upon running from the Oni Hiroshi falls down due to his head injury and tells Anna to run and leave him. Hiroshi rises to his feet and screams at Anna for her to run, as she does so. Hiroshi is run over by the Oni making his fate unknown as the creature didn't actually kill him.

Trivia Edit

  • Even though Hiroshi's portrait has glasses (and a scarf in his version 3.0-5.2 portrait), his sprite does not seem to wear them. This might be because the default sprites in the RPG maker do not have glasses either.
    • However his novel sprite fixes this and adds the scarf, however the glasses are still left out.
      • The mobile re-release of the first game, the sequel and the third entry corrects this.
  • In the trailer for the Ao Oni Revenge novel, he is voiced by Akira Ishida. The video for this can only be seen on NicoNico.
  • The fan portrayal of Hiroshi has made "scientifically impossible" his catch phrase.
  • Despite the design Hiroshi usually is portrayed in both the game series and novel series, his movie appearance is going to be very different, for he will not be wearing his school uniform. He is wearing a beanie and surgical mask around his mouth.
  • Hiroshi is portrayed by Seiya in the 2014 film, and by Taishi Nakagawa in the 2015 film.
  • Hiroshi does not die throughout the series, unless the oni catches you.


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