Ao Oni Wiki

Welcome to the installation guide for Ao Oni, here are the notes:


Only versions of the game made in RPG Maker XP will require you to download and install the RTP (step 1 above). Check the downloads page for more information on which versions require the RTP.

  • If you are installing and running an older version of the game, you may experience the Missing Text Glitch.
    • This means that you cannot play any Ao Oni games until you reinstall it.
  • Set your system locale to Japanese.
  • Instructions: Ao Oni was created with RPG Maker XP game engine. In order to play, you will need to download and install the RTP (Runtime Package). It does not affect your computer and can be uninstalled at any time. The RTP can be downloaded here.  By default, RPG Maker VX Ace is selected.  Be sure to select the RPG Maker XP file.
  • If you should receive an error message "RGSS102e.dll not found" or "unable to find RTP-Standard", it is likely because you installed RPG Maker VX Ace, instead of RPG Maker XP. Refer to the above link and make sure to select RPG Maker XP.

Alternative Method of Installation[]

  • 1. visit this link:, scroll down, and select "RPG Maker XP", after which press "Download Run Time Package", follow the instructions, and install it.
  • 2. Visit this link:, and install the same new version, that is provided on "" website. Follow the instructions carefully. When it will show you a window, click "OK".
  • 3. Then, go to your desktop, and find a folder called "aooni_en", open it, in there you will find the EXE file. Open this EXE file, and Ao Oni should run normally after this.

Installing The Ao Oni Icon (Optional)[]

Ao Oni Icon.png

1. Right click on icon image you see to the right, and press "Save image as...". Save this icon to your desktop------->

2. Convert this icon to ICO format, using On-Line "PNG to ICO Converter". (Remember that your unconverted icon is still on the Desktop!)

3. Create a desktop shortcut for the EXE file found in folder "aooni_en", and replace it's icon with the one you have converted. Your converted icon should be in the "downloads" folder. (This method works on Windows 10.)

4. You need to right click on that desktop shortcut, and then check for properties there. You will see that you can change this shortcut's icon there - so press the button to do it, and follow the instructions. You will now have the Icon of Ao Oni - fully installed.