Purpose Edit

The purpose of the Jail cell is that you need to complete the puzzle provided, and get the basement key inside the cell. You can also use the Jail Cell to Escape chases without outrunning the oni or hiding in a closet. You CAN’T use this tactic for versions 1.0 and 3.0 because the oni will wait outside and attack you which is a scripted chase. So if you leave the cell, the oni attacks you, go back to the cell, wait for the oni to leave, he will appear again. So if you hide in the cell for each scripted/random chases he appear waiting outside the cell room.

Puzzles Edit

In version 1.0 and 3.0 you can’t inspect the pair of books instead you need to push the chair in the corner and inspect the middle part of the table to see a button. Press the button and the books will move and a door will appear. In version 5.2 and version 6 you could just inspect the books and it’ll move and a door will appear.

The Cell Edit

Hold up before you take the basement key inside the cell, close the cell gate/door and then take the key. If you don’t do this the oni will come at a fast speed towards you and will result as a game over. If you do do this then when the oni comes he can’t open the door and you will be granted a cutscene of the oni trying to break in but fails and leaves. In versions 1.0 and 3.0 when the oni leaves the room he is going to wait for you and prompts another chase scene. In version 5.2 there is another jail cell in the Annex basement. You CAN’T go in and close the door behind you and take the item. This will result in the oni going in rapid speed and killing you. Instead you need to get a padlock from a chest and use it on the cell gate so the oni won’t get you and the same cutscene will commence. In version 6 there is another cell gate in the Annex basement. There is no item though, instead you need to complete the puzzle of three paintings to get a ”metal stick”. You cannot use this cell to lock the oni as he will open it without any effort.

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The oni trying to barge in like every game