Kazuya (カズヤ Kazuya?) is a character from Version 1.1, he seems to be Hiroshi's best friend.

Story Edit

Ao Oni Version 1 Edit

Kazuya and Hiroshi are forced to go inside the mansion with Takuro and his gang. Upon hearing a plate shatter in the kitchen, Takuro orders Kazuya to check it out. However, Kazuya is reluctant because he is too scared and Hiroshi volunteers in his place instead.

After Hiroshi leaves the others, Takuro decides to ditch him and Kazuya refuses to leave without him. When Takuro tries to leave, he discovers that they are trapped inside the mansion. During this time, the oni suddenly attacks the group.

Kazuya is not seen again until near the end, where he is found locked inside a bathroom. After awaking from what he thought to be a bad dream, he leaves the mansion but heads back once he realizes that Hiroshi may still be inside. Kazuya enters a shed and picks up a rope ladder. He attaches it to a nearby well where he descends into the mansion's basement. Back inside, he meets up with Hiroshi and Megumi whom are being pursued by the oni. They eventually get out of the mansion via the well and flee.

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