The Length Puzzle is only present in Version 5 of the game. It features a wall panel with moveable pegs that must be arranged in a specific manner. Solving this puzzle gives you the cipher needed to solve the abacus puzzle.

The PuzzleEdit


The archive room in Version 5.2.

NOTE: The rest of this page contains spoilers and puzzle solutions.

This puzzle takes place entirely in the archive room, right after Hiroshi speaks with Takuro . As he examines a wall panel, Hiroshi first reads some words written at the bottom.

Stretch them, side by side
Which one is longest? Which is small?
Then line them up alright
Small at the bottom, on top the tall

Then the puzzle opens. Five balls labeled MF, IF, RF, LF, and Th are arranged and with a small cursor, the player can push them around. The player must move the balls into the proper order to solve the puzzle.

The SolutionEdit


The solution to the length puzzle.

The five balls represent five fingers on a hand. The labels MF, IF, RF, LF, and Th stand for middle finger, index finger, ring finger, little finger, and thumb, respectively. They should be arranged in the following order, with the first being the ball on top and the fifth being the ball on bottom
  1. Middle finger (MF)
  2. Index finger (IF)
  3. Ring finger (RF)
  4. Little finger/Pinky (LF)
  5. Thumb (Th)

The puzzle will freeze for one second, and then be solved.