Mika (美香 Mika?), originally named Megumi (メグミ Megumi?) in Ao Oni Version 1.1, is one of the four protagonists in the Ao Oni series.

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Appearance Edit

Mika is displayed as a middle school girl with shoulder-length brown hair, big dark-colored eyes and she usually wears a school uniform in the games.

In the novel, her hair is no longer down, for it is now longer than her original style in the game that it is now in a high ponytail and her bust is a bit bigger than Anna's chest despite her young age (which is currently unknown along with the other students). She wears a pink/magenta tank top, a white coat with pink sleeves, hood and white, fluffy/completely pink pockets which she usually carries a small pink plush kitty in one of the pockets, jean shorts, long black stockings, and small brown heeled boots.

Personality Edit

Mika is the only female character present in the games (Anna has only appeared in the novels and the film). In most versions, Mika is usually found in the kid's bedroom where she stays for most of the game and she is commonly accepted as Takuro’s girlfriend. In subsequent versions, however, Mika will usually mention him and refuse to leave without him, in which she only cares for Takuro's safety for she loves him a lot. It is theorized by some that she does not like Hiroshi, even though he's her friend and she may also be hinted to be a bit stubborn around others but Takuro.

Roles Edit

NOTE: This section may include spoilers to the game, movie and novel.
Mika is a non-playable character and one of the main protagonists, who has almost no role in the game other than being the first to be killed by the Oni in Version 6.

Ao Oni (Games) Edit

Version 1.1Edit

In Version 1.1, Mika is named Megumi who seems to be Takuro's girlfriend as well as a member of his gang. In the second-floor bedroom Hiroshi first finds her in, she has set up a dresser barricade and this is what helps her survive to the end.

Version 3.0 Edit

In Version 3.0, Mika is first found in the second-floor bedroom. Later, she is found with Takuro and Takeshi in one of the rooms of the basement, they all soon flee after the Oni enters the room. Mika is found again with Takeshi in a dungeon and will not come out until Hiroshi finds an exit. Once Hiroshi finds the rope ladder deep inside a cave, both of them then accompany him. Afterward, they see the Oni eating the ladder. Hiroshi and Mika flee, while Takeshi trips and is killed. Mika is found again being pounded and killed by the Squatto Oni in a room in the mansion.

Version 5.2 Edit

In Version 5.2, Mika is found in the kid's bedroom hiding behind a bed and she will refuse to leave the mansion without Takuro. Mika does not leave this location for the remainder of the game, although Hiroshi can return at the end of the game to rescue her, she is not shown in the epilogue and she is not mentioned again.

Version 6.23 Edit


Hiroshi discovers the Oni killing Mika.

In Version 6.23, Mika is the first to die where she dies right as Hiroshi is about to enter the basement. There is a scream from upstairs and as Hiroshi enters the room Mika was in, he sees the Oni eating her. Later on, Hiroshi will encounter Mika in the basement for a few seconds where she then morphs into Mika Oni and chases Hiroshi around.

Ao Oni (Novel) Edit

Mika is a girl who harbors goodwill toward Takuro where her mind is strong and though she acts out rashly. Mika does, however, have a rather lonely side to her but is far from becoming domesticated. Mika is also surprisingly quick on her feet. For the 2nd in the bonus manga at the beginning (this had no effect on the real story), Mika refuses to go with Hiroshi and is then chased by the Oni. She breaks her leg and she can't run away from the Oni. She either sees or hallucinates Takuro being there ignoring her or looking for her. Tears in her eyes, she accepts the fact that she is dead and with a smile, she admitted in her "final" moments that she'd die for Takuro, and then gets "killed".

Ao Oni (Movie) Edit

Mika makes an appearance in the live-action movie, Ao Oni who is portrayed by Seika Furuhata. She is seen waiting for Takuro (Mika's boyfriend) outside the jailhouse with Takeshi and when Takuro and the others arrive they all enter the building, upon entering Mika follows Takuro down to the Annex and stays with him for a short time before leaving to find the others. Mika spots Anna whom is questioned by her presence but Hiroshi calms her down and welcomes Anna to their group, Mika then grows angry with Takeshi of why he won't leave the closet when Takeshi is killed she vomits at the sight of the remains and goes to warn Takuro who shrugs it off and laughs. Mika then seduces Takuro and steal the keys and tries to exit the jailhouse herself, she finds it won't open and she tries to hide hence the growls that are being heard she then starts to cry hoping the Oni doesn't catch her but when she looks up the Oni's face is seen smiling before attacking and brutally murdering her. After a chase, Anna and Shun plus Hiroshi soon discover Mika's mutilated body and they are grief-stricken by the sight.

Trivia Edit

  • The name Mika means "beautiful" (美) (mi) and "fragrance, fragrant" (香) or "add, increase" (加) (ka).
  • While being chased in Versions 3.0, 5.2, and 6.23, the player can bring the Oni into the kid's bedroom Mika is hiding in.
    • In Versions 3.0 and 5.2, this gives the player a game over as Hiroshi will automatically go in front of Mika in an attempt to protect her from the Oni, which results in his death.
  •  In Version 6.23, however, the player maintains control of Hiroshi. The chase ends as you leave the bedroom, going back into that room shows that Mika has been killed. The Oni also vanishes from the bedroom without going out the only exit. This will not prompt the scream as you enter the basement and the Oni will not be seen eating Mika.
  • Mika's in-game sprite is modeled after the "002-Fighter02" default sprite in RPG Maker XP.
  • Mika's novel appearance may be similar to the average anime jock's girlfriend (even though it’s unknown if Mika and Takuro are dating in the novel).
  • The game never makes it clear if Mika's hair is long or short as the fans always change her hairstyle.
    • But in the novel, her hair is longer than her sprites.
  • Mika was the first female character in the Ao Oni series with Anna being the 2nd.
  • Despite Mika's blue outfit, her pink shirt is going to be orange and her skirt is a quilt color in the novel.
  • Ironically, in the main games (Ao Oni, Ao Oni 2, Ao Oni 3), Mika is always the first character to die during the gameplay while Takuro always being last.


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