Missing text

The common missing text error

A common glitch that players of ao oni games experience is the "missing text" glitch. Because of Windows locale settings, the game is unable to display certain forgein characters. Not everyone experiences this error, and there is currently no uniform solution'.'
Missing text2

Missing text in the Korean fan-made game Hakkyo Oni

How To FixEdit

NOTE: This fix does not work for everyone, and is completely reversible.

  • You need to change the locale settings on your computer. This is reversible, and will not permanently modify anything on your computer at all.
    • If you have Windows Vista/7, you can go to
    • Control Panel >
    • Clock, Language and Region >
    • Region >
    • Administrative >
    • Change System Locale
    • and select "Korea" or "Japan" depending on the origin of which game you are trying to play. Your computer will need to restart.
    • to undo, repeat the same steps. Your computer will not be in Korean/Japanese just because you changed the locale.
  • Alternatively, an easier way is to download Microsoft AppLocale to individually set the locale for a single game. If you are running Windows Vista/7/8, you'll need to follow some additional instructions for getting AppLocale to jebo te bog
  • properly.
  • For Windows XP, you need to install the East Asian Language fonts in order for it to be fixed.
  • Other operating systems have different ways of switching the locale.
    • If you are on Linux, you can change the system locale with
    • setenv LANG en_US.ISO8859-1
    • If you are on Mac OS X 10.6 you can go to
    • System Preferences >Language And Text >Format

Game CrashesEdit

In addition to missing text, certain games like Hakkyo Oni or Ao Oni S , are not playable unless you apply this fix. The game will crash when it attempts to load an audio file because the game cannot read the Korean characters needed to access the file.

Missing Text in Japanese VersionsEdit

All Japanese versions of the original game are another common victim of this glitch, but the game will not crash. The game is playable with missing text, but the player will miss all dialogue. Some distributions of the game are missing a RGSS103J.dll file in the main directory. By obtaining and putting the file in there, you can restore the japanese text. Unless you change the system locale as shown above, text will remain unreadable square characters, due to the different codeset settings on Windows machines.