Naoki is one of Hiroshi's friends in the Ao Oni series. He only makes an appearance in Hiroshi's dream as he "pretended" to be the oni as a surprise for Hiroshi planned by Takeshi. In the novel, he is a mysterious student. He does not appear much till the later series of the Ao Oni novel. Naoki (直樹 Naoki?) is a character who only appears in Ao Oni Version 3. He is also to appear in the novel series, he appeared only a few times in the film, he is mostly seen from the lower half of his face or would be mentioned a few times.

Appearance Edit


Naoki in the Oni costume.

Naoki has black hair and gray eyes. He has been interpreted to wear a white suit, since you can only see his head when he takes off the mask. In the novel, he has alot of differences. His hair is navy blue/green and in a bowl cut. He wears a green jacket with a black hood. His pants are black as well. In the 2nd, his back is turned, showing only the backside of him. His hair is darker and so is his jacket. In later debuts, his face was recently shown in official art by the illustrator on Twitter (Japan only).

Personality Edit

Not much is known of Naoki's personality, except he seems to be Hiroshi's friend. Though in the novel, he might have been one of those students that were always "quiet" most of the time. From his facial expression, he looks meek and very lonesome. His actual personality has not been described in the novel yet.

Roles Edit

Ao Oni (Game) Version 3 Edit

Naoki only appears in a scene in the bedroom where Hiroshi has a dream where the Oni enters this room with him and scares him. The Oni says a few words before it then takes its mask off, revealing that Naoki was pretending to be the Oni all along. Then the other protagonists come out, revealing it was an elaborate joke to celebrate Hiroshi's birthday. This was his only game debut, for Naoki is never mentioned in the rest of the game series and it is unknown what he does while his four friends are in the mansion.

Ao Oni (Novel) Edit

Naoki is a former classmate who was killed in an incident right before Shun changed schools. It is rumored that he died inside the jailhouse of the mansion due to the monster's curse. Naoki makes later debuts in the novel series, for more about him is still to be revealed.

Ao Oni (Movie) Edit

At the start of the movie we see Anna running through the jailhouse and she enters a bedroom she then hears the voice of who is revealed to be her brother Naoki who is asking for help, it then cuts to Naoki listening to a local teen play in the streets. As the teen sings Naoki suddenly takes off running into the road causing a collision and ending his life. Later on in the film when Takeshi becomes paranoid and hides in a closet and is found by Mika and Hiroshi, he mumbles about Naoki's death and is cut by Mika saying that he will be killed by Takuro if he talks about it again. After Anna and Shun find the mutilated remains of Mika and outran the Oni, they sit down and calm themselves, so Anna talks about Naoki, which reveals that he is the same boy who was killed in a traffic accident as shown at the beginning of the film. The accident was called suicide with the assumption of his inability to withstand bullying. Anna refers to how Shun is similar to her brother.

Trivia Edit

  • Naoki's sprites are again used for one of the unnamed students from Version 5.
  • It is unclear in the novel if Naoki really did die in the mansion.
  • Naoki's character profile was shown with Takeshi and Takuro's for awhile, till it was later removed from the 1st novel's site for an unknown reason. Though a beta design of him is shown in the 1st novel's bonus page.
  • It was theorized by some that Naoki's ghost was the Oni in the novel, this was revealed in a way not to be true.
  • In the "3rd" novel, Naoki appears with a new female character named Saya (she is not revealed to most yet, and it is unknown who she really is at the moment).
  • Naoki is Anna's younger brother, since she mentions him a few times and puts flowers in his grave. They may also be siblings in the novel series as well.
  • Since Naoki's face is never fully shown in the movie, only a small part is seen. This could be due to the fact of hiding what he looks like or who he was.
  • In the movie, Naoki commits suicide from running from Takuro to the road, leading him to get hit by a car. The novel series portrays his death in a very different way.
  • Naoki does not die in the game series because he only appeared in version 3.0 in Hiroshi's dream. His fate in the novel series and movie however, only reveals to have killed him off.
  • A manga series based on him is in the process at the moment. It reveals how he died and the rest of his back story, along with the original four characters (Shun and Anna are not included in the Naoki series).


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