The shed as it appears in 1.0.


The shed as it appears in 5.2 and with the Ao Oni bursting out from the ground.

The shed (小屋 koya) is absent in Version 3.0 and Version 6.23 . It only appears in Version 1 and 5. The Old Building was made to replace the Shed since it is no longer used in Version 6.23. Not much information can be given about the Shed due to its very low use. It can be seen more as a decoration. In Version 1.1, The Shed is accessable once the player takes control of Kazuya. He heads into The Shed and takes a rope ladder. He then proceeds to place it on The Well and safely climb down, whilst in Version 5.2, The Shed is used. It can be used after recruiting your friends into the party and jumping out a window in the Annex. Once entering the shed the Oni pops up from the floor and gives the player an endless chase. It is also one of the escape routes of the Mansion in Version 5.2.