Shun (シュン Shun?) is the main protagonist from the Ao Oni novels and a character from the Ao Oni movie.

Appearance Edit

Shun has dark jet blue/blackish hair, which is spikey and he seems to develop a small ahoge (his hair is less spike in the rest of the novel series and the movie). He wears a light blue jacket and jean shorts and blue sneakers he also has a laptop with him.

Personality Edit

It is shown that he is meek and not a person with many friends. He creates games as a hobby. He is very timid. He seems to be on friendly terms with Hiroshi and Anna.

Story Edit

Shun did not make any appearances all versions of the games. He only made his debut in the novel. It's unknown if he will ever be in any future versions of Ao Oni or not.

Ao Oni Novel Edit

Shun is the protagonist of the novel. He had just transferred schools before his third semester. Shun also makes games as a hobby. Due to his introverted nature, he finds that he cannot open up to his classmates very easily. He is mostly seen teaming up with Hiroshi through out the novel (evidence comes from the illustration work and they are shown holding hands as they run away from the league of onis chasing after them.).

Ao Oni Movie Edit

Shun makes an appearance in the live action movie, Ao Oni. He is portrayed by Kenta Suga.

Shun is first seen being harassed by Takuro and Takeshi, it then cuts to Shun sitting near the riverbank with Anna as he shows her the RPG game he is making, she leaves and Takuro confronts Shun taking his laptop from him but Takuro becomes angered by the fact that Shun used his name in the game. Shun follows Takuro to the jailhouse and he wonders the jailhouse before departing with Anna to check somewhere else, Shun and Anna encounter the Oni and a chase ensures but they escape the creature before regrouping with Hiroshi as they make their way to the Annex. Shun learns the horrific truth as he finds his dead body in the crate and has a flashback off where he took his laptop back from Takuro who picked up a wooden plank from the ground, he then struck Shun in the face with it Shun died instantly. Shun then disappeared until Anna opened a door showing a white light in which she entered, Shun and Anna are seen sitting by the riverside and Anna holds Shun's hand and he holds it back indicating the growing relationship.


  • It is speculated by many that his favorite color is blue.
  • Shun was killed by Takuro at the start of the first film. Due to this, only Anna was able to see Shun because of her strong sense of the paranormal. Near the end of the film, upon realizing of his demise, Shun disappears.


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