Takuro (卓郎 Takurō?) is one of the four protagonists in the Ao Oni series. Though in the novel, he takes on a more antagonistic role. He is the secondary antagonist in the first film and is the main protagonist in Ao Oni Ver. 2.0.

Appearance Edit

Takuro is usually displayed as an attractive middle school boy with shaggy brown hair and dark-colored eyes. His sprite's hair style is usually shown in a ponytail, yet he does not have one in the novel and movie. In the novel he wears a dark red jacket with white paint like splatters. His pants are black with chains on his belt. He wears a cross like necklace on his neck. His hair is a bright dark red and short.

Personality Edit

Like Hiroshi, Takuro wishes to escape and help the others. He possess the most leadership qualities out of the four. He is usually a friendly person towards his friends. Though his personality is different from version 1.1 and the novel series and movie. For he shows cruelty towards Takeshi and is selfish and is a bully and shows rivalry towards Hiroshi. It's unknown how he feels about Mika in both the novel and the movie, but in the game and Ao Oni Ver. 2.0, he may care for her a lot then it seems.

Roles Edit

NOTE: This section may include spoilers to the game, movie and novel.

Ao Oni (Games)Edit

Version 1Edit

In Version 1, Takuro forces Kazuya and Hiroshi to join him and his friends inside the mansion. When Hiroshi leaves them to investigate a noise, the Oni attacks them. Eventually Takuro meets up with Hiroshi who tells him where Megumi is only to have the Oni kill him shortly afterward.

Version 3 Edit

In Version 3, Takuro's head is bitten off by the Oni. He only reappears in Hiroshi's dream "alive" but he doesn't have a dialogue in that scene.

Version 5 Edit

In Version 5, Takuro is not seen until the first encounter with him in the archive room. It is possible to rescue him at the end by traveling all the way back to the library and speaking with him in the corner. He also gets Mika to join him and Hiroshi to go to the exit. Later on, him and Hiroshi are on the roof top of their school hoping their experiences from the mansion were just a dream.

Version 6 Edit

In Version 6, Takuro is the last person to become an Oni. Unlike Mika or Takeshi, he acts just as proactively as Hiroshi does, insisting the two split up to find an exit. During his search, he twists his ankle and hides in a closet in the annex basement. He returns when you get the last blue piece, but turns into a oni if you check your characters in the room with the exit.

Ao Oni (Novel) Edit

Although Takuro seems like your average handsome, soccer-loving honor student. In reality, he's a brutal bully and the worst sort of scum. A narcissist, Takuro's not above checking his hairdo every moment of the day. His father is the owner of a very wealthy corporation.

Ao Oni (Movie) Edit

Takuro is played by Jinnai Syo.

Takuro is first seen along with Takeshi pushing and harassing Shun on the streets seen by Anna who does nothing about it Takuro is then seen approaching Shun taking his laptop away from him, Takuro then pushes a crate to the jailhouse and meets up with Takeshi, his girlfriend Mika and Hiroshi who just turns up Takuro goes down to the Annex where he stays for most of the movie moving stuff around and smoking. When Hiroshi, Shun and Anna go down to the Annex they both see Takuro beat Hiroshi down with a wooden plank and revealing that he killed Shun and hid his body in the crate he has been pushing to the jailhouse. Takuro then pulls out a knife and plans to kill Anna due to the fact she knows too much. Suddenly, the Oni appears drags Takuro away and mauls him to death, buying time for Anna and Hiroshi to escape.

Trivia Edit

  • Takuro's hair colour changes from each version. His hair is orange in Versions 3-5, brown in Version 6.03 and in Version 6 with SOUTHPARK cheat, and red in Version 6 and the novel.
  • Takuro's sprite appears to have a ponytail, but his ponytail was cut off in the novel and movie for some odd reason, this is probably because some people might mistake him for a female with his ponytail.
  • Takuro is displayed as a bully by most fans (although he is not explicitly shown to be one in Versions 3-6) as he is shown to be one in Version 1.1, the novel and the movie.
  • In the game, Takeshi and Takuro are friends in which is shown when he teases Takeshi about being scared at the being and calling him "That Takeshi guy" in version 5.2. But in the novel, he mostly makes Takeshi his man slave and maybe somewhat cruel to him, in Kagame Oni Episode 3, they're depicted as brothers.
  • Also, despite being a bully, Takuro however seems very kind to Hiroshi for some reason, though he and Hiroshi seem to fight a lot in the novel, it maybe proven that they show some respect for each other.
  • In Ao Oni Ver. 2.0, Takuro is shown to have respect for Hiroshi, this is shown when he treats Hiroshi for a stab wound somewhere in his torso area.
  • Takuro could very well be a coward, as he leaves a wounded Hiroshi and Mika to die whilst being chased by the oni in Blue Demon ver 2.0. (debatable since Hiroshi told him to "reset the game".)
  • Takuro survives the Jailhouse incident in Blue Demon ver 2.0, as he escapes the mansion in the final scene of the film.
  • He, Shun, and Anna are the only survivors in Blue Demon ver 2.0.
  • It is speculated that his favorite color is red.


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