Ao Oni Version 3.0 was the first largely available updated version after the original.

Its only official release was in Japanese.


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The game begins with a scene of an Old man exploring the house. He frantically attempts to open the front door, before an unseen entity attacks him. Four friends, Hiroshi, Takeshi, Takuro, and Mika, enter the house sometime later. Hiroshi goes to inspect the sound of a plate shattering in the kitchen . When he returns, the friends have disappeared. He explores the house, finding Takeshi shivering in a closet upstairs. He soon runs into the Oni and a chase ensues.


Hiroshi walking in the archive room

Soon after, he meets Takuro in the archive room. Takuro goes off to hide while Hiroshi continues to explore. Hiroshi finds Mika hiding in the bedroom, but she in a small state of shock. After solving a puzzle involving burning objects to obtain keys and the piano puzzle, he makes his way into the basement. After running into his friends, a short conversation takes place. The Oni then appears and kills Takuro by eating his head.


Takuro`s gruesome death

Hiroshi locates a secret rope ladder that leads to the outside. When he returns with Mika and Takeshi to escape, the Oni is seen eating the rope ladder. Takeshi trips while running away and is killed. Hiroshi leaves the basement and realizes that he should probably sleep. He heads upstairs to sleep.


Squatto chasing the player around the mansion

Hiroshi has a dream where the Oni enters the room. It takes off the mask, to reveal Naoki in an Oni costume. Mika, Takuro, and Takeshi holding a cake enter and wish him happy birthday. After being woken by a thumping sound next door, Hiroshi heads into the next room to witness Squatto beating Mika dead. He flees quickly, escaping from the oversized oni. He finds a secret staircase near the attic, heading into the oni room .


The oni chasing the player from the front door of the mansion

He obtains the front door key from behind the blob oni and escapes the mansion. On his way out, the oni appears, whispering incoherent words and chases him out.


Version 3.0 features two main puzzles.

The first is the piano puzzle. This involves locating two pieces of paper which form a password out of piano keys. The number written on the piano ("459") is used to open a safe in the kitchen.


The strange puzzle in the attic

The second puzzle is one in the secret passageway in the attic. The player must walk across circles, to highlight other ones. When all the circles are lit up, the door to the oni room will open. Crossing the big, middle circle will clear the on/off status of all other circles.


  • If Hiroshi attempts to use the rope ladder by himself when escaping he will get eaten by the Oni, who will attack at an inescapable speed.
  • The most widely known English version includes some prominent bugs, such as the wall being missing in the archive room. Some other bugs include the Oni not appearing after finding the numbers on the piano.
    • The wooden box, which is essential to progressing through the game, cannot be burned as it will consume itself when clicked in the most popular English version.
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