Ao Oni (青鬼) Version 4.2 is the successor to Version 3.0 and a demo release of Version 5.2.

The official release was in Japanese, though an unofficial English translation has been made.

WARNING: This page may contain spoilers or solutions to puzzles. Read further at your own risk!

Story Edit

See Version 5.2.

Trivia Edit

  • This version is only playable up until the basement. Upon entering the basement, the screen will turn black and Hiroshi will tell the player that he/she will have to finish this in Version 5.2.
  • The Mansion design only has slight changes done in some rooms compared to Version 5.2. One example being the archive room having shelves that extend to the wall.
  • It's largerly identical to version 5.2, to point of it being arguably redundant to refer to it as a separate version.
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