Version 5.2 is the version of the game after Version 4.2. Much of the dialogue, gameplay, locations, and order of events have changed. The version was released in both Japanese and English versions.


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As with previous versions, the game opens with Hiroshi, Takeshi, Mika, and Takuro entering the mansion. The mansion has been rearranged and condensed from the previous version. Takeshi is scared by the thought of the house being haunted. A plate shattering in the next room draws Hiroshi's attention, and when he returns, his friends are gone. He locates Takeshi hiding in a closet, Mika hiding behind a bed, and meets Takuro while searching the house. Mika never leaves from behind the nursery bed. The player is chased by the Ao Oni while exploring the house and solving puzzles. At one point in the Basement, the power and lights burn out, leaving the player to explore in the dark and be chased. Hiroshi must locate and throw a circuit breaker switch to turn the power back on.

Roach oni

The blue "roach oni" monster can be seen often in the annex entry

The player navigates into the Annex, a dark, red-toned part of the mansion. Another monster, Roach Oni crashes through a window and from then on will stalk rooms at random much like the ao oni will. The roach oni will break through other windows from outside the house, though it is not clear if it is the same oni or if there are multiple. The player runs into Takeshi and Takuro briefly, and before long, locates a rope ladder leading up to the surface. From here, the player has two options - returning to collect and save his friends, or exit the mansion alone.

Saving the Friends ("Good Ending")Edit

NOTE: This section may contain spoilers.


Finding Takuro in the library of the original house


A full party of all four friends

If the player chooses to search for the friends, he must travel back through the annex and basement to the first area of the house. Hiroshi finds Mika where she has always been, behind the bed in the nursery. She refuses to "run through a mansion with a monster" and insists she will not leave without Takuro. Hiroshi locates Takuro in the Library and both join his party. Takeshi can be found hiding in any closet (different each time) and will also join the party.

With all four party members, Hiroshi returns to the exit he found, only to witness the Oni eating the rope ladder. After a chase, Hiroshi will find the Shed key. By leaving through a window that a roach oni had previously crashed through, Hiroshi will travel outside through the garden to the shed. The oni emerges from the floorboards and begins an never-ending chase. Hiroshi cannot outrun the oni and cannot hide in any closet to escape. The player must circle around rooms and reverse direction, heading to the shed and leaving the mansion with the oni still chasing.

As an unintentional feature, you can also time it correctly so that Hiroshi enters the shed right as the oni would be exiting, allowing you to avoid the chase and complete the game quickly.

Takuro and Hiroshi stand alone on a rooftop of their school

This ending allows you to watch the epilogue. Takeshi has a nightmare about the oni chasing him to a closet and opening the door slowly. Takuro and Hiroshi stand on the rooftop of their school, reflecting on the events. Takuro speculates if perhaps the entire experience was a dream with Hiroshi hoping the same.

One last movie plays, with three new characters entering the mansion. Like Hiroshi's party, they are presumably students. They have a short conversation, and the oni enters the room. The shot cuts immediately to the outside of the mansion, where birds perched on the roof all fly away, a text box appears telling the player it is a reckless and bad idea to enter an abandoned mansion as they may not escape as easily as Hiroshi and the rest, then the game returns to the title screen.

Leaving Alone ("Bad Ending")Edit

The player can climb the rope ladder alone without rescuing the friends. All that the player sees is a short series of messages. Hiroshi admits that he never saw his friends again, implying that they died in the mansion.

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  • Version 5.2 removed various objects such as the TV.
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