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Version 6.23 is the most recent official release of Ao Oni.

It succeeds at Version 5.2.

Much of the dialogue, gameplay, locations, and order of events have changed. The version was released in several languages. Those being Japanese, Italian and English.

Summary of Changes[]

Version 6.23 presents a massive overhaul from the previous versions.

  • The option to change Hiroshi's name and cheat codes were added.
  • All locations and rooms were rearranged and some were even redesigned completely, such as the basement.
  • The house is condensed; hallways are shorter and rooms are smaller.
  • Dialogue was modified in order for the translations to be more grammatically accurate.
  • Certain items were renamed to make more sense. "Detergent" became "soap" and "oil" became "lighter fluid."
  • Hiroshi and his friends are middle school students, unlike the previous version in which they are high school students.
  • A new ability of the Oni is revealed, allowing it to transform humans into its species.
  • The Japanese abacus puzzle was removed as Western audiences were unlikely to understand it.
  • The annex basement puzzles were removed, replaced with completely different ones.
  • The shed was removed and replaced with an entire old building and a new part of the mansion.
  • The roach oni was removed and replaced with BlockMan.


NOTE: The following contains spoilers.

Version 6.23's story begins with four high school students: Mika, Hiroshi, Takuro, and Takeshi.

Upon hearing rumors about a monster living within a remote mansion, the group of four decide to investigate said place. As soon they enter the building, Takeshi becomes immediately frightened; begging his friends to leave. Which merely prompts Hiroshi ridicule the very idea that monsters even exist.

After hearing a plate shatter, Hiroshi heads towards the source of the noise. After picking up a plate shard, he heads back to the entry way to find his friends missing and the front door locked.

Hiroshi finds Takeshi hiding upstairs in a closet, hiding in fear. Soon after, he encounters the Oni in the library and is chased. Hiroshi runs into Takuro while searching the upstairs and Takuro agrees to search the first floor. Hiroshi finds Mika hiding in a bedroom, refusing to explore the mansion with a monster on the loose. As Hiroshi is about to enter the basement, a scream is heard upstairs and Hiroshi finds that Mika has been killed by the monster. Soon after, in the basement, he finds Mika, who immediately transforms into an oni herself. From there, he enters the Annex and finds Takeshi. Takeshi is heavily disturbed by the events, and blames himself for them. After which, he hangs himself and ultimately transforms into an oni as well.

Annex Basement[]

The annex leads into the annex basement, which is the fourth area of the game. Hiroshi becomes chased by two of his friends morphed into Character Onis, showing that there is more than one monster - something the other versions have left unclear. He finds Takuro, who has twisted his ankle. Very soon after, Hiroshi finds a rope ladder from which he can escape the mansion. He returns to get Takuro, but when they attempt to escape, the Oni is waiting. As he flees, Takuro trips and is supposedly killed by the monster.

The Old Building[]

Hiroshi soon finds his way into an Old Building. Here he finds the Oni Room - an empty, caged room full of all sorts of oni-esque monsters. Before he can investigate further, one of them opens the cage door and they all escape. Curiously, none of them are encountered afterward which Hiroshi finds Takuro, who then re-joins him. Shortly thereafter, Takuro surprises Hiroshi by transforming into one of the monsters; it's revealed that the Oni have the ability to transform and take on the appearance of the people they kill. Hiroshi is able to escape from the Old Building, and flees back to town. He remarks in the epilogue that he never saw any of his friends or the monsters again.